This brand is dedicated to promoting the use and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, as well as producing thought provoking designs for our customers to show off! 

Please help us in furthering our message and demystifying crypto. We will be updating our designs quarterly and look forward to our brand and crypto going mainstream!

We accept payment in cryptocurrency, we'd actually much prefer to be paid by these means. If you have no other choice, we will hesitantly accept your debt-based fiat currency. 

 As a homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, who made Blockchain & Crypto possible we will limit all initial design collections to 210 pieces for our beginning; size + colour. Upon the release of 100 designs we will shift to a model of 21 collection designs, 21 pieces limit respectively; reaching our goal is the mission. 

Working on Authenticity + Limited Edition identification - these will be sent out separately, if you have ideas for us we would love to hear from you (we'd love to register each piece to it's rightful owner on the blockchain)!!!

Established & Budding Designers, Artists, Illustrators - We are open to Collaborations and if you have a cool design in mind we'd love to hear from you and work together!

Given the community spirit of crypto as well as our desire to help those in need £2 per product will be donated proportionally too Free the Slaves, Wild Oceans, Pledgeling Environmental Fund and Pledgeling Human Rights Fund and Endangered Species Internacional with no caps or end date.

You can't fight the future! Join the Revolution

For any queries please contact cryptobuyersclub@protonmail.com


Since stumbling across blockchain technology and all it's capabilities I've felt a incomparable feeling of hope for the direction humanity could take, being more efficient and inclusive to all. That's it from me for now, have a lovely day! 

I hope you like our designs! 

Ben, Founder of Crypto Buyers Club 


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